Maintaining Your Swimming Pool During A Drought

The current drought conditions in California have not been friendly to swimming pool owners. Water restrictions have naturally restricted water usage that is not a necessity, like lawn irrigation and filling swimming pools. Some areas in California have actually banned homeowners from building swimming pools. If you already have a swimming pool, you  have to be particularly careful about emptying and refilling it. If you live in California or another drought-ridden area, you need to take steps to lower your swimming pool's water usage.


If your pool has a leak or some other problem, you usually  drain the pool so it can be repaired, wasting a huge amount of water. Residential pools require between 15,000 and 30,000 gallons of that limited liquid to fill them. Fortunately, some swimming pool repairmen can do their jobs underwater.  One pool repairman has his own special waterproof mixture that takes only an hour to harden. He and others like him can even repair rebar by putting on a wet suit and oxygen tank to do the job. This process helps you honor the water restrictions that your area's government has imposed and also saves you a great deal of money. California residents are paying much more for their water because of the shortage. Farmers in the Central Valley are being charged ten times more than they were before the drought. 

Water Treatment

Maintaining clean and clear pool water is more important than before since you can not afford to start over. One really difficult problem is a high total dissolved solids (TDS) level, which can cause calcium deposits, excess manganese, and salty water. TDS is any dissolved solid. They can be chemicals from water, your deodorant, and tree debris. Even adding fresh tap water can bring up the level due to its calcium content. Once the TDS level gets too high, nothing except emptying the pool and refilling it helps. Maintaining a proper chemical balance in your pool, showering before you enter the water, and keeping the surface skimmed all help with keeping your pool water healthy. 

If you live in a drought-stricken area, you need to avoid refilling your swimming pool. No matter how much you love your pool, it is not a necessity. Currently in California, water is for drinking, cooking, farming, and bathing. Most other uses are considered optional. You can keep using your swimming pool as long as you maintain it well and avoid having to refill it. Creative pool repair from companies like Guaranteed Pool Service & Repair and water chemistry diligence can keep your pool open during these dry times.