Protect Your Pool From Organic Debris This Spring

Spring is a time when many people open up their swimming pools after the long, cold winter. Unfortunately, spring is also a tumultuous time of year when a combination of harsh storms and new plant life can cause problems for your pool. Organic debris can clog your pool's filtration system and drain, leading to necessary swimming pool repair. Knowing how to protect your pool's filtration system from organic debris like leaves, petals, seeds and sticks can help you maintain your swimming pool this spring and prevent maintenance problems.

Use A Cover

Pool covers go a long way toward protecting your pool from organic debris. Keep your pool covered when it's not in use. Pool covers can come in different types and can have different levels of quality. When shopping for covers, pay attention to the thickness of the cover's plastic (which is often measured in millimeters). Thicker plastic covers are often more capable of withstanding long hours in the hot summer sun than thinner plastic covers.

Keep Nearby Plants Trim

Prune plants, shrubs and trees near your swimming pool. When pruning trees or shrubs, get rid of any weak or dying branches and branches covered in dead leaves. When you're finished pruning, remember to remove trimmed branches and leaves from the vicinity around the pool to prevent them from blowing into the pool later.

Avoid Using Wooden Mulch Around The Pool

Lightweight wooden mulch can easily blow into the pool or get kicked into the water. If you must use mulch in the area around the pool, consider using rock mulch. Avoid using lightweight, small rocks because they can get kicked into the pool almost as easily as wooden mulch. When choosing rock mulch for the area around your pool, choose rocks that are egg-sized to prevent them from being kicked or blown into the pool.

Skim The Pool Daily

Use the pool net and pool vacuum to skim your pool daily. This will remove any plants and sticks that do manage to get into the pool, despite the cover and your best efforts to keep organic material out of the pool.

Put Away The Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers scatter debris indiscriminately all over the yard and into the pool. To avoid this problem, put away the leaf blower and use a broom or rake to keep the sidewalk around the pool clear.

For more information, talk to your pool maintenance person. He or she can answer your questions and give you suggestions for protecting your pool this spring. Companies like All-American Pools may be able to help meet your needs.