How To Customize Your Backyard Swimming Pool

These days it's not enough to simply plop a swimming pool into your backyard. Homeowners want their swimming pool to be a part of an entire entertainment retreat. As such, backyards are becoming entire complexes complete with seating and bathing. Likewise, designers are adding spectacular features that beautify the space. Transform your backyard into an entertainment complex with the custom swimming pool as the centerpiece.

Choose a Theme

Custom pools carry more of a theme than "backyard swimming pool." Rather the chosen theme drives your décor style. For example, if you want to keep your backyard retreat looking modern, start with a geometric pool, such as a rectangular pool with a round hot tub in one corner. Likewise, add geometric features to your pool area, such as square planters or a rectangle of granite serving as a waterfall. Keep materials industrial in style, such as concrete, glass and metal.

Mediterranean pools are a common theme. For this style of pool you may still choose a rectangular shape or possibly opt for oval. Such a pool is sure to feature a lot of pretty tile work both in the pool itself and in the lounging area. Lagoon is a common theme for a backyard pool. Typically homeowners start with a free-form pool similar to a natural pool. Include lots of tropical plants, and add a waterfall for an idyllic getaway.

Include Useful Pool Features

Because your backyard pool serves as the centerpiece of your outdoor entertainment area, include pool features that add value to your leisure. For example, useful additions include cabanas and outdoor showers. A cabana can be a simple pergola providing a little shade or can offer a changing area and pool storage. Similarly, an outdoor shower can be a place you rinse off or an area designated for bathing al fresco.

Add Beautiful Pool Features

Waterfalls and fire features are examples of pool additions that beautify your retreat. A waterfall is relatively easy to add – just look for any raised area such as the side of a spa that can serve as the lip for spilling water. Alternatively, design a specific style of waterfall, such as natural stones for your lagoon pool.

According to the Landscaping Network, a relatively new trend is adding fire features as close to the pool as possible. Pool fire features are often like the gas fireplace in your home – something you switch on at night for effect and a little warmth.

Design a custom pool area that serves as a beautiful entertainment retreat for you and your guests.