Summer Is Coming: Tips To Make Your Pool Opening Go Smoothly

If you are a newer pool owner, you may be feeling overwhelmed with opening up your pool for the season. From cleaning out any debris, getting the cover off of your pool and getting the starting chemicals just right, opening up a pool for the summer season can be a daunting task. When you want to make your pool opening go smoothly, there are a number of ways you can get prepared before you begin opening your pool.

Clean Debris From Your Pool Area

Even if you hire a pool opening service like Splash Swimming Pools, you can start the process by cleaning away any debris and dirt that has built up when your pool was closed for the season. Clean up around your pool, and clear off the cover in areas that you can reach. Some new pool owners make the mistake of leaving debris on the pool cover, only to realize that this debris falls into the water when you try to take the cover off.

Get a List of Supplies that You Need

Before you begin opening your pool, it helps to know what types of chemicals you will need to get your pool ready for summer. You will need to shock your pool water and make sure that the water is pH balanced before people begin swimming in your pool. It helps to talk with your local pool supply store to find out the right chemicals you need to open your pool based on the size of your pool. If you are nervous about getting the chemicals right, you can always contact a pool opening specialist to get the job done right for you.

Make Sure Pool Equipment is in Working Order

Check any ladders used in your pool to make sure that they haven't broken during the cold winter months. Looks for signs of wear and tear on your pool, and turn on the filter to see if it runs. If you are opening your pool on your own, check the type of filter you have and get the right filters to place inside your pool filter to get the season started. Check any chlorine holders for cracks, and if the cover is off the pool, look for tears in the pool cover.

As you get ready for the hot summer ahead, you will have to maintain your pool throughout the season. You will need a water testing kit, and the right chemicals to keep your water perfect for the swimmers that visit your pool.