4 Spring Time Improvements That Can Cut Upkeep Costs Of Swimming Pools

Summer will soon be here, and you can be sure that keeping your pool clean and ready for a relaxing swim will be a chore. It can also be a costly task, which is why spring is a good time to start considering improvements that can make maintenance easier and less costly. If you want to start improving your pool this year, here are some ideas for improvements that will take a load off maintenance and reduce upkeep costs:

1.  Install And Automatic Cover That You Can Benefit From Using All Year

One of the biggest problems that pool owners have is the constant battle of debris falling in the pool. This can be stopped with a cover, but manual covers are too difficult to use all year. If you want to keep your pool clean, an automated cover can be a good investment. It can also help reduce problems with evaporation that causes you to constantly need to add water to your pool.

2. Get More Use Out Of Your Pool With The Addition Of A Solar Water Heater

If you want to get more use out of your pool, a heater can be a good investment. Gas heaters can be a good solution for this, but they can also be costly to operate. A better solution may be to have a solar water heater installed, which uses no utilities and can ensure that your pool water is comfortable to swim in. 

3. Upgrade Your Filtration System For Sand, Salt Or DE Filtration For Reduced Maintenance

Cartridge filtration systems are what pools have commonly used, but they can have many problems, such as becoming dirty or being damaged by debris. If you want to reduce maintenance of your pool and keep water clean, you may want to consider updating the filter with something like a sand filter system or a DE filter. If you want to avoid using chemicals, you may want to consider using a saltwater system.

4. Add An Automated Chlorine Or Chemical System To Keep Pool Water Perfect

You may also want to consider automation for your pool, which can be done with chemical dispensing system. This can be done with something like a chlorine dispenser that automatically adds chlorine to the water, so you do not have to worry about levels getting too low.

These are some tips that will help you reduce maintenance and cut upkeep costs of your pool this year. If you need help with improvements to your pool, contact a pool contractor or weekly pool service and talk with them about some of these improvements for your pool.