What To Look For When Shopping For Pool Furniture

Not all outdoor furniture is made for use around your swimming pool. It's important to choose furniture that can withstand the wear and tear from around a pool environment while still providing comfort and function. The following tips can help you make a good choice when shopping for new furniture.

Tip #1: Check the UV resistance

Most outdoor furniture is somewhat UV resistant, but furniture that will be used near a pool will be exposed to more sunlight than furniture that is placed in a shady garden or beneath a patio canopy. This is because the furniture is often used beneath direct sunlight for purposes of sunbathing instead of beneath the protection of an umbrella or other shade device. Skip items treated with a UV spray and instead look for items that are made of UV-resistant fibers. Any paint used on the furniture should also be UV resistant, as should any plastic or resin pieces.

Tip #2: Consider the frame

Generally, resin and aluminum are the best choices for near a pool since these aren't likely to rust from water exposure. Aluminum will need to be painted, though, to ensure pool chemicals don't lead to any discoloration or corrosion. Metals like wrought iron aren't typically used in a pool environment due to the fear of rusting. Wood can be an option, but it will need annual cleaning and refinishing so the wood doesn't suffer water or weather damage. It is possible to find aluminum furniture that is painted and textured to resemble wood, but it doesn't require the ongoing care.

Tip #3: Opt for quick dry

In most cases, fabric sling or strap-style seats and backs are preferable because they withstand weathering and dry quickly. Stuffed outdoor cushions may take longer to dry, which can lead to soggy seats in the short term and mildew in the long run. If you do want cushioned seats, such as around a poolside dining spot, make sure the cushions you choose are made of mildew-resistant fibers and stuffing. Synthetic materials tend to dry more quickly than natural materials, and they are also more weather resistant.

Tip #4: Look for extras

Some extras are helpful to have around the pool. For example, when shopping sun loungers, make sure they are fully adjustable. Look for models with slide out tables for drinks or sun tan lotion, or built in pillows to cushion the head. Dining tables should have the ability to add an umbrella for those times when you need shade. Built in lights, especially on tables or underneath umbrellas, are also nice features to have next to the pool.