Keep Pool Areas Safe With These Tips When Installing A New Fence

If you want to keep your pool areas safe, adding a fence can be a good investment. Start with good planning and design before you have the safety fence installed. You need to set a budget, choose the fence materials, and decide what essential safety features your pool need. The following pool safety fence tips will provide you with all the information you need to know before starting your project:

  • Size of The Pool Area To Be Fenced In—There are a lot of things to consider before deciding where the new fence will be installed. If you want the pool area to be safe, the fenced enclosure can be limited to the size of the pool area. In a small backyard, you may want to consider enclosing the entire outdoor space and adding safety features to protect the pool. The safety features can be things like gates and rails that separate the pool space from decks or living space in your home.
  • Styles and Designs of Pool Safety Fencing—The styles and designs of pool safety fencing are also important. You have a lot of materials to choose from, which can include aluminum, chain link, and wood materials. You may want to use more traditional wood picket or metal fencing, or something more modern like a chain link material. If you choose to use aluminum or iron, it will cost a little more, but it will be a more attractive addition to the pool area. Chain link and wood materials will be the most affordable solutions if you are on a tight budget for your pool safety fence.
  • Fence Height and Landscaping—The height of the fence and landscaping around it is also important. You want to make sure the fence is high enough so that small children or pets cannot jump over it. It is a good idea to plant landscaping along the fence line to deter anyone or anything from getting near it. When choosing the landscaping, use plants that help prevent people from getting close to the fence, but that does not disturb the visibility of the pool area.
  • Choosing Safety Features and Fence Alarms—Today, there are a lot of safety features that can be added to a pool fence. First, you want to consider tamperproof locks for gates and features to keep people and pets out. Second, if you have small children, you may also want to consider installing an alarm on the fence to alert you if they get in.

This is everything you should know about pool safety fencing to keep your swimming areas safe this summer. If you are ready to install a fence, contact a pool safety fence service to start planning the new fence for your pool.