Benefits Of Winter Safety Pool Covers

During the summer months, an in-ground swimming pool can provide many days of enjoyment with your family and friends. However, once the swimming season is over and fall arrives, you will need to make plans to prepare your pool for the winter months. While you can purchase a plain cover, you are much better off investing in a safety pool cover to put over your pool during the off-season. A safety pool cover has additional features that regular pool covers do not have. Some of the top benefits of using a safety pool cover during the winter include the following.

Protection from Falling in the Pool

A standard pool cover simply sits over the surface of a pool. However, a safety pool cover is anchored at many points around the perimeter of the pool, creating a strong surface. When you have a safety pool cover in place, you will not have to worry about a child or an animal falling into your pool during the winter months when it is not being used. Opting for a safety pool cover is the best way to ensure that your pool is as safe as possible for anyone who may spend time in your yard.

Keep the Pool Clean

During the winter months, many areas experience strong storms, which may include high wind speeds that blow debris around. When there is severe weather in your area, a standard pool cover will do little to protect your pool or keep it clean. In fact, in high winds, a standard pool cover may be blown off of your pool. Since a safety cover is tightly anchored around the pool, you can count on it staying put and keeping flying debris out of your pool. Using a safety cover during the winter months will minimize pool maintenance and keep the pool clean so it is not difficult to open up when warm weather returns. 

Limit Liability

Having an in-ground pool has many advantages, but one of the downsides is the fact that you can be liable if anyone is injured in your pool. An easy way to protect yourself and reduce your liability is by using a safety pool cover during the winter months. When a strong and secure safety pool cover is in place, the chance of anyone sustaining injuries while in your backyard and around your pool will be reduced drastically. It is especially smart to install a safety pool cover if you will be gone for an extended period of time during the winter and won't be able to monitor your backyard. 

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