Spa Services To Get Your Hot Tub Ready For Nice Weather This Summer

If you want to get ready your hot tub ready for summer, some work needs to be done. Often, closing your hot tub and weatherizing it for winter is the best option to keep energy costs down and prevent damage. Therefore, maintenance and repairs are going to be needed, just like opening a pool. The following spa services will help you get your spa ready for nicer weather.

Flushing Equipment — The first thing that needs to be done before opening your spa is flushing the equipment. This is the process of running water through the pump and filtration system. Flushing your equipment can be done by a professional spa service to remove buildup and ensure equipment is working properly. The professional service will use specially formulated treatments to clean the equipment and ensure you do not have problems keeping the water clean.

Filling the Hot Tub with Warm Water — Once the equipment has been flushed, you will be ready to fill your spa with water. This is an important step, and doing it correctly can save you money. This needs to be done by filling the tub with hot water. To start, fill the bottom of the spa with cool water. As the level rises, start adding hot water. You can use a pool thermometer to watch the temperature to make sure it does not get too hot, which can damage equipment. Doing this will reduce the energy needed to keep the water in your spa warm.

Changing the Filter and Starting the Pump — After filling the hot tub with warm water, you will be ready to begin the maintenance steps. This starts with changing the filter. You want to make sure the filter has been changed when it is time to start using your hot tub. It is also important to start adding treatments once you start using the spa. As you use the hot tub throughout the summer, you will want to clean or change the filter once a week to keep the water clean.

Inspecting the Equipment and Checking for Leaks — You also want to inspect your equipment for problems. There are a lot of issues that can cause problems with the spa. Start by checking the water flow and make sure the pump and massage jets are working correctly. You also want to turn the heater on to make sure it is heating the water as it should.

These things need to be done to get your hot tub ready for the spring and summer weather. Contact a spa service for help with the maintenance that needs to be done to prepare your hot tub for summer.