Things To Love About An Indoor-Outdoor Pool

When it comes to considering different in-ground swimming pool options, indoor pools and outdoor pools both have an extensive set of advantages. When you combine these two concepts into a pool that is both in your yard and in your home, you've got a unique opportunity for entertaining, relaxing, and exercising. Indoor-outdoor pools have all sorts of different designs, but their common trait is that part of them is outdoors and the other part of them is indoors. If you're starting to discuss a custom pool project with a local pool company, give some thought to this unique idea. Here are some things that you'll love about an indoor-outdoor pool.

The Conditions Are Always Pleasant

When you have an outdoor pool, you may not want to go swimming when it's rainy or cold. While an indoor pool protects you from the elements, it also blocks the sun. Having an indoor-outdoor pool gives you a lot more versatility. You can swim outdoors when the sun is shining. However, when there's inclement weather or when the sun is simply too hot that you're worried about sunburn, you can use the indoor portion of the pool. This means that you always have pleasant conditions when you swim.

There's Lots Of Room

Although indoor-outdoor pools can be any size that you want, it's common for this type of pool to be large. Having a large pool provides you with lots of room for a group of people to use the pool at the same time without the space feeling too crowded. If you're having a party with lots of friends, more pool space can be desirable. For example, you might provide water guns for the children in attendance and encourage them to use the outdoor portion of the pool, while the adults lounge in the indoor part of the pool without worrying about getting inadvertently squirted or splashed.

There's A Prestigious Feel

There's no denying that an indoor-outdoor pool offers a prestigious feel, perhaps because it's common at resorts and high-end hotels. If no one you know has this type of swimming pool, you might take pride in having an indoor-outdoor pool that everyone can use for gatherings. If you have a high-end home and you've invested heavily in landscaping your yard in recent years, the addition of a pool to these spaces can offer a complementary high-end look. Contact an in-ground pool company to learn more about custom indoor-outdoor pools.