Selecting The Right Swimming Pool For Your Lifestyle

Swimming pools have the power to change a person's life. They can help with exercise, cooling off in the summer heat, and entertainment. There is no limit to the benefits that you can get from them, but you want to choose a fiberglass pool that is right for your lifestyle. The following information will help you choose the right pool and features for your family's needs.

Planning Your Pool for Your Lifestyle

When installing a fiberglass pool in your backyard, there are two important things to consider — the way you plan to use it and what kind of pool you want. What you want is a pool that matches your lifestyle, not your ambitions. If you have a big house and family, you probably want a big pool. In most cases, an Olympic-size pool would be overkill.

Choosing the style of your pool will be easier if you first decide how far you plan to take it. How much do you want it to look like a lake? How much of a backyard do you want it to cover? Do you want a waterfall? Do you want a spa?

After deciding on how you will use the pool, it will be easier to choose the style of pool you want to invest in.

Extra Features You Need for a Fiberglass Pool

There are many features for fiberglass pools that you might not be aware of. For example, some of the pools are fitted with fiber optic lighting, underwater speakers, underwater lighting effects, water jets, waterfall features, spa features, underwater benches, and more.

Some of these features are nice to have but not essential. They are nice-to-have features because they improve your pool experience, but they do not necessarily add to the resale value of your pool. Some are more essential than others. For example, some pools are fitted with inlaid pool tile, which improves the appearance of the pool, but will not add value. Others, such as fiber optic lighting or underwater speakers, are essential.

Professional fiberglass swimming pool builders will help you choose the extras, along with all the other features that best suit your lifestyle.

The Costs of Installing a Fiberglass Pool

The biggest expense of installing a fiberglass pool is the pool itself. Fiberglass pools typically cost about $45,000. Prices vary based on size, shape, and additional features.

Beyond the pool, there are additional costs to consider. There is the cost of installing the pool. There is also the cost of removing an existing pool and building a new one. Finally, there is the cost of landscaping around the new pool.

While fiberglass pools are less expensive to install than concrete or vinyl liner pools, they are more expensive to maintain.

The right pool for you will be the one that meets your needs and fits your budget. Contact a fiberglass pool builder to start planning your pool project for the summer.