Swimming Pool Safety And Repairs That Need To Be Done This Winter

Just as springtime signals the beginning of spring cleaning, winter is a great time to start pool repair. Whether you are planning minor improvements to your swimming pool this winter or starting on a new project altogether, it's best that you get started soon so you can make the most of your outdoor space before the season ends.

Deep Clean the Pool Tiles or Surface

Tiles are a big part of pools, and they need to be clean to work properly. If you don't clean them regularly, then dirt can build up on them and cause water flow problems. If there's a buildup of dirt, then it can even create an imbalance in the water chemistry in your swimming pool. The chemicals may not be able to get into the water properly if dirt is blocking them from passing through the tiles. If your pool tiles have a lot of buildup, then you may want to find a professional that can come and do a deep cleaning of those tiles for you. This will help get rid of all of that dirt so that there isn't any left on those tiles. The professional won't just be able to deep clean them, though; they can also apply some sealer onto the surface as well. That will help to restore the surface.

Install a Modern Pool Safety Cover 

The pool cover is an essential safety device for any pool. It helps keep children and pets out of the water during the winter months when your pool isn't in use. It also helps you save money on your energy bills by keeping the water warm throughout the entire year.

If you don't have a modern pool safety cover installed, now might be a good time to invest in one. Also, inspect your cover if it does not need to be replaced. Look for tears and broken hardware like the grommets that hold the cover in place. These are some of the issues that you will want to repair with your pool during the winter months. 

Upgrade or Repair Faulty Pool Motors

There are several things to do to a pool motor during the fall and winter months. The first is to clean and then test the motors. Make sure they are working correctly. If you have a large pool, check the wiring around the pool too. If it is not in good shape, replace it with new wire. You also should check the contacts on your pool motor, and if they are rusted or corroded, replace them with new ones.

Update and Repair Pool Filtration Systems

Finally, you want to make sure the pool filtration system is working properly. There might be plumbing repairs and other issues that you want to be aware of when doing repairs to your pool. If you have an older filtration system, you might also want to consider updating it during the cold weather.

Winter is a good time to get started planning major pool repairs. Contact a pool repair service to discuss the options for your pool this winter.

For more information on swimming pool repair, contact a company near you.