Designing A Pool: Starting Your Pool Construction Project With The Right Plan

It takes a lot of planning to design an important structure like a swimming pool. The design is based on the area where it will be constructed and the amount of money that's available for construction. It also helps you determine what equipment you should buy and how materials will be used. Some other factors are the look, dimensions, shape, and location. A well-planned pool project eliminates unnecessary costs and the time it takes to build a new pool.

Picking Your New Pool Design

If you're new to the pool scene, designing your own pool can be a little daunting. Picking the right pool design for your yard and lifestyle is an important project that you don't want to rush into. There are many factors to consider for the design of your new swimming pool — will it be in-ground or above-ground? What space do you have for building a pool, and what shapes will fit it? Will there be enough room for a large in-ground pool, or do you need an above-ground model? Does anyone have special needs (wheelchair access, etc.) that you need to consider when choosing a design?

There are many different options to design a pool and equally as many different kinds of pools to choose from. When you start designing, come up with some basic features you'd like included in your new pool. Do you want a deck built around it, do you want it fenced in, how big would you like it? What are some of the specific pool features you want to have in the design?

Finding the Right Pool Construction Service

Before hiring a swimming pool builder, you should carefully consider the following questions: Who is the pool builder? (Ask for resumes and references of past jobs.) How much experience does the pool builder have? What guarantees and warranties are offered? Is the pool builder licensed in your area and/or with your local governing bodies?

By first researching, interviewing, and selecting a reputable swimming pool builder, you can avoid many costly problems later. A good swimming pool contractor will be able to offer you the best service at a reasonable price. A poor contractor may cost you more in repairs and other costs than if you had hired a good one from the start.

Choosing the Right Pool Finishes

After choosing the right pool and deciding on a general design, it is time to choose your pool finishes. Pool finishes include the following:

  • Pool surfaces or liners—These are the materials that line the inside of your pool. They come in vinyl, fiberglass, concrete, and gunite. You can also choose to use no liner at all and just enjoy the natural beauty of your pool water.
  • Pool coping—This is the material that lines the edge of your pool. It can be tile, brick, or metal. Some pools have none at all, while others have a metal coping that surrounds the entire perimeter of the pool.
  • Pool deck surface—The surface material for your deck area around your pool. This can be a poured concrete floor, stone pavers, or even paving slabs. This choice is often defined by what materials are already in place on your property where you plan to build your new swimming pool.

Choosing the right finishes when building a new pool will help give your pool a unique custom design that fits tastes. 

Starting a pool construction is an exciting process for anyone looking to install a pool in their outdoor space. The first step to building your own swimming pool is to choose from many different kinds of designs and styles. Above all, finding the right contractor will make your dream of owning a swimming pool come true.

For more information on pool construction, contact a company near you.