Building A New Pool? Fees You Can Expect To Pay The Pool Company

If you plan to have a pool built this year, the first thing you need to do is understand the costs. You might not realize this, but there are quite a few costs that go into building a swimming pool. In fact, the total cost of your swimming pool is broken down into smaller components. You might think that you can focus on the total cost, but that's not the case. You should actually focus on each individual cost. That way, you understand how your money is being spent during the construction of your pool. This approach also helps you to avoid confusion. To help you understand the building process, here are four costs that go into the actual price of your new swimming pool. 

Down Payment

If you're going to hire a pool company to build your new pool, the first cost you'll face is the down payment. That's the amount you'll pay to the builder to lock in the contract. In most cases, construction can't begin on your pool until the down payment is paid. The down payment will be a small percentage of the total cost to build your pool. You and the pool company can negotiate the cost for the down payment. 

Upfront Costs

Once you've paid the down payment for the construction of your pool, you'll also need to cover the upfront costs. Those are the actual costs to get started on your pool. Some of those costs might include permits, excavation, and concrete pours. However, your pool builder will let you know what's actually included in the upfront costs. In most cases, your pool builder will provide you with an itemized list when upfront costs are collected. 

Extra Fees

If you have plans to build a swimming pool in your backyard, you need to understand the extra fees. When it comes to building your pool, there are some fees that might not be included in the actual construction costs. However, you still need to budget for those fees. Some of those costs include dirt hauling, electrical wiring, and retaining walls. Your pool builder can provide you with a detailed list of extra fees that you can expect to pay. If you're going to landscape your yard once the pool is built, those costs will be added to the extra fees list. 

Final Draw

Finally, once your pool is nearing completion, your pool builder will request the final draw. The final draw covers any of the remaining construction that still needs to be taken care of. If the project is completed, the final draw satisfies the final payment owing on the contract.

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