Why A Pool Fence Is Better Than A Hedge

When it comes to having a barrier around your backyard swimming pool, you may be thinking of a few different options. Some people like planting a lush hedge around the pool, and there's no debating that this vegetation can augment the look of the pool area. You should, however, elect to install an actual fence rather than use a hedge in place of a fence. A local pool fence company can show you all sorts of different pool fences so that you can choose one that offers the style you want in addition to the functionality you need. Here are some reasons that a pool fence is better than a hedge. 


While the exact laws regarding pool fences vary from state to state, you'll find that most states require you to have a proper fence around your pool area as a safety measure. While a thick hedge may theoretically perform some of the same duties as a fence, it's not as impenetrable as a fence. For example, a child may not be able to climb over a pool fence to gain access to the pool area, but they might be able to push through a hedge or even crawl beneath it. If a child were to get into your pool and hurt themselves, you might face serious legal consequences for not having a proper pool fence.


Hedges can attract animals that may become pests around your pool. For example, if you were to plant a hedge around the pool, birds and squirrels may eventually reside in the hedge. While you might not initially see birds as pests, they can leave feathers and droppings on the pool deck and even in the pool when they're flying to and from the hedge multiple times a day. This can be unpleasant when you're swimming. When you erect a proper pool fence instead of a hedge, you won't face this problem.


A hedge will unquestionably leave you with more upkeep work than a fence. A new fence will last for many years before you need to perform any maintenance work. With a hedge, you'll constantly need to trim it to ensure that it keeps the tidy shape you want. Hedge trimming is a time-consuming process since you have to rake up the trimmings. If one of the hedge plants dies, you'll need to dig it up and replace it with another plant. Given these points, it's best to use a hedge elsewhere in your yard and rely on a proper pool fence around your pool area.

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