Why Is Green Slime Growing In Your Swimming Pool?

If the water in your swimming pool develops a slimy, green residue in it, take action today. You could have green algae blooming in your pool. Learn how algae grows in swimming pools and how you can remove and keep algae out of your pool below. 

How and Why Does Algae Grow in Pools?

Algae are aquatic plant-like organisms that grow in all types of water, including residential swimming pool water. Algae come in many different colors, including blue-green, green, and yellow-green. Green algae typically grow in residential swimming pools.

Green algae tend to be slimy and prolific when the organisms grow, or bloom, in pools. The organisms require sunlight to make food and bloom. Outdoor bodies of water, such as swimming pools and ponds, generally receive most of their light directly from the sun.  

Green algae generally show up on pool items that don't receive regular maintenance and care, such as coping, pool ladders, steps, and wall tile. You may even find algae growing on your children's pool toys and safety floats. Some sources report that algae can also feed on bacteria and other organisms to survive. If bacteria develop on your pool items due to poor maintenance, algae can feed on them to survive in your pool.    

Algae will continue to take over your swimming pool unless you remove it today. 

What Can You Do About Your Pool's Algae Problem?

You must ask a pool contractor to help you remove the green algae from your swimming pool. As mentioned above, algae can be prolific when it grows. Even if you skim the surface of your pool or wipe down your pool deck and ladders, the organisms can still show up in your pool afterward.  

A pool contractor will test your pool's water to find out whether it has green algae in it. Chemicals, pollutants, and other things can also turn swimming pool water green. A contractor will need to take different actions to clear your pool if it contains harsh chemicals or pollutants. 

If green algae are the culprits behind your pool's unsightly green color, a contractor can take the following actions for you:

  • clean or replace the filters in your pool's water
  • shock, or increase the chlorine levels, in your pool's water
  • vacuum your pool's water 

A contractor may also scrub or brush the toys, floats, and other items you use in your pool. Scrubbing removes stains and other byproducts created by algae growth. 

If nothing works to remove the green slime from your pool, a contractor may chemically treat your pool's water with an algaecide. Algaecide kills algae before it blooms in your swimming pool.  

Learn how to properly remove algae from your swimming pool by contacting a pool maintenance service.