3 Advantages Of Plunge Pool Installations

A plunge pool features a smaller size than a typical pool installation. The pool features a small open area to relax, cool down, and enjoy the water. As you consider a new pool construction on your property, check out some of the advantages of plunge pool installations and how you can reshape your property with the designs and features.

Pool contractors can help you plan out a complete plunge pool design that fits the exterior of your home nicely.

1. Fewer Chemicals & Maintenance

Taking care of a pool requires work from an owner to test the water, use proper chemicals, and keep the water as clean as possible. When you choose a smaller pool design, you can eliminate a lot of those extra elements. The maintenance you have on the pool will be cut down. For example, cleaning or vacuuming the pool takes much less time.

You will also save money with the purchase of fewer chemicals to keep a pool clean. Over time, those savings will add up and you will still have a pool area to enjoy on a regular basis.

2. More Patio Space

The installation of a plunge pool will take up a lot less space than a full-sized pool. The extra space gives you room to expand your pool patio area. For example, you could install a larger pool house on the property and have a place to relax and hang out when you're not actively in the water.

You could dedicate more space to an outdoor kitchen where you grill up food and treats. The extra space allows you to play around with different design ideas and elements. The pool installation can also include outdoor stonework and patio areas that expand around the pool. You can select the full size of the pool patio as needed.

3. Plunge Pool Extra Features

A plunge pool can feature more than just a small body of water. You could split off one end of the pool and feature a hot tub section with heated water. A contractor could install a waterfall element that creates a nice visual and peaceful sound as water streams into the pool. The extra features add a nice elegant touch to the design.

Many of the same features found in a full-size pool can apply to the plunge pool. Contractors can provide galleries of past designs and features you can choose for your own installation.

Contact a new pool construction company to see what options you have available for a pool installation at your home.