Three Main Types Of Above Ground Pool Liners

Above ground pools make use of a liner to protect the structural integrity of the pool itself. There are several different variants of pool liners available on the market, each of which carries a distinct set of advantages and drawbacks. Understanding the differences between the available types of pool liners can help you choose the best replacement pool liner for your above ground pool's needs. Overlap Liners Overlap liners are the most common type of above ground pool liners on the market and, like their name would suggest, overlap the lip of the pool so that some of the liner hangs over the edge.

Building A New Inground Swimming Pool? Deciding Between Concrete, Vinyl, And Fiberglass

With the hot temperatures of summer starting to ramp up, you may be considering adding an inground swimming pool to your home. But before you move forward with getting one installed, you'll need to decide on what material you want to use to make the swimming pool. Concrete Constructing a concrete pool is a bit different than other materials. The ground needs to be excavated and lined with blocks of cement that have been mortared together, and then you must create a mold and pour cement in order to form a shape that is seamless.

What To Look For When Shopping For Pool Furniture

Not all outdoor furniture is made for use around your swimming pool. It's important to choose furniture that can withstand the wear and tear from around a pool environment while still providing comfort and function. The following tips can help you make a good choice when shopping for new furniture. Tip #1: Check the UV resistance Most outdoor furniture is somewhat UV resistant, but furniture that will be used near a pool will be exposed to more sunlight than furniture that is placed in a shady garden or beneath a patio canopy.

4 Spring Time Improvements That Can Cut Upkeep Costs Of Swimming Pools

Summer will soon be here, and you can be sure that keeping your pool clean and ready for a relaxing swim will be a chore. It can also be a costly task, which is why spring is a good time to start considering improvements that can make maintenance easier and less costly. If you want to start improving your pool this year, here are some ideas for improvements that will take a load off maintenance and reduce upkeep costs:

Important Considerations When Buying A Home With A Pool

Are you thinking about buying a home with a preexisting swimming pool? Is the swimming pool currently empty, so you're worried about whether or not you'll be able to use the pool for swimming this summer? Fortunately, an empty swimming pool doesn't necessarily mean that you'll need to have a completely new pool installed. In order to help you decide whether you want to put an offer on the house and pay for a home inspection, here are some common pool issues and steps to rectify them once you own the house: