Things To Love About An Indoor-Outdoor Pool

When it comes to considering different in-ground swimming pool options, indoor pools and outdoor pools both have an extensive set of advantages. When you combine these two concepts into a pool that is both in your yard and in your home, you've got a unique opportunity for entertaining, relaxing, and exercising. Indoor-outdoor pools have all sorts of different designs, but their common trait is that part of them is outdoors and the other part of them is indoors.

Spa Services To Get Your Hot Tub Ready For Nice Weather This Summer

If you want to get ready your hot tub ready for summer, some work needs to be done. Often, closing your hot tub and weatherizing it for winter is the best option to keep energy costs down and prevent damage. Therefore, maintenance and repairs are going to be needed, just like opening a pool. The following spa services will help you get your spa ready for nicer weather. Flushing Equipment — The first thing that needs to be done before opening your spa is flushing the equipment.